Dr Jason Blake Cohen will give a quick introduction into what “haze” is and how it impacts the climate system. He will also share some results from both data analysis and modeling exercises to help strengthen this linkage between haze and the climate system, and ultimately look at consequences of such actions on the future climate state. Fires and smoke haze in the region can affect the air quality over Singapore. Throughout the years, Singapore has experienced several haze episodes resulting from fires in the region. Mr Ang Chieng Hai’s talk on “Fires and Smoke Haze Monitoring Using Earth Observation Satellites” will discuss how remote sensing using earth observation satellites is employed by Meteorological Service Singapore to monitor the regional fires and smoke haze situation.


Dr Jason Blake Cohen

Assistant Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
National University of Singapore


Mr Ang Chieng Hai

Senior Metrological Officer
Metrological Service Singapore
National Environment Agency

Seminar Details:

bes seminar series e-flyer 26 sep

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